CDI Compagnie Des Indes BRAZIL 8 YEARS Epris Cask Strength 70cl 53,2%vol.


Blend of molasses and cane juice rums, this Brazil 8 YO rum cask strength was distilled in multi-column still. 80% continental ageing.

Sugar =0G/L; ex Bourbon cask.

It has a sturdy character with sweet and savoury aromas of BBQ sauce & Xérès vinegar.

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Distilled in: May 2011
Bottled in: October 2019
Distillery: Epris
Age: 8 years
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 53.2% Alc./Vol.
Cask Strength
Limited Edition
Bottled in France without cold filtration


Nose: rich and powerful, with notes of toffee, fudge and macadamia nuts with strong whiffs of molasses
Mouth: first a salty flavour (salted butter caramel), then grilled meat and dark chocolate
Finish: a sweet bitterness remains all along the tasting right until the end

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