CDI Compagnie Des Indes TRINIDAD 11 YEARS Ten Cane 70cl 43%vol.


The Ten Cane distillery was created by LVMH to produce pure cane juice pot still rum for the US market.

The brand never really found its audience, the multinational decided to tear down the distillery only a few years after its grand opening. Its name, Ten Cane, comes from the idea that it takes 10 sugar canes to make a bottle of rum.

You will have understood that the distillery is now closed and thus its rums are very rare pot still rums 100% pure cane juice (Agricole style).

80% Tropical aging.

Sugar =0G/L.

ex-Bourbon cask.

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Distilled in: May 2008
Bottled in: October 2019
Age: 11 years
Distillery: Ten Cane
Bottle contains: 70 cl
Alcoholic content: 43% Alc./Vol.
Limited Edition
Bottled in France without cold filtration


Nose: characteristic of cane juice rums with floral touches. Citruses, rose and jasmine scents in this single cask
Mouth: you find the same flavours with a cherry liquor chocolate note
Finish: expressive, its long and dry with notes of dry fruits

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