Habitation Velier Hampden LROK White 70cl 62,5%Vol.



From 265 years, the Hampden Distillery has been producing rums of different flavor profiles and level of esters, historically destinated both to neat consumption and to the several rum blenders in England. All these formulas are identified with specific unique acronyms: LROK means Light Rum Owen Kelly, because it was the ‘lighter’ formulas created by the legendary master distiller of the end of 19th century. It’s a medium/high-intensity white rum with a content of 350 grams of esters / hectoliter of pure alcohol, the index used for esters’ measure. Nowadays the markets are changing and productions of these kind of rums are going to disappear: this LROK has never been bottled in the history and it represents today an important heritage of the tradition of Trelawny, the region is north west Jamaica in which these particular rums are still produced.

Habitation Velier Hampden LROK White is a complex rum at high proof and it can be consumed in different ways: neat, to appreciate all its bouquet, or with few ice cubes to get it fresher and slightly diluited, maybe with also a zest of lime, to exalt all fruity notes. Mixology is obviously where it express better: with LROK, bartenders have a new, unexpected flavour to mix. It could give new expression to classic rum cocktails like Daiquiri and also it could be the base for completely new recipes. Moreover it can replace other spirits because of its original taste.

70cl 62,5%Vol.

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