Habitation Velier Savanna Herr White 70cl 62,5%vol.


Habitation Velier Savanna Herr White 70cl 62,5%vol.

Today the Pure White Single Rum represents the avant-garde of mixology and the purest expression of sugar cane or molasses.

Their strength lies in the high alcohol content and in the non-alcoholic flavor of aromatic non-alcoholic elements, as for Savanna Herr White, an edition of 62.5% ABV with 499.9 g / hlpa of esters.

Double distilled in pot stills, this High Ester Rum Reunion Savanna has a high ester content of 499.9 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol. Its aromatic palette is impressive from start to finish. The serenity with which it reveals its fruity, floral, spicy and lemony character and the way in which it draws heavily on the world of white spirits (apricot and raspberry brandy) are highlights of the tasting.

Profile: the deep initial nose is characterized by cane sugar. It then becomes honeyed, floral (orchid), fruity (clementine), spicy and mentholated. The luscious attack is filled with sugarcane. This develops into black fruit (black fruits), and floral (vetiver) and peppery notes. The silky start of the finish is apricoty. Gradually, almond milk and artichoke heart add the Savanna signature to the retronasal olfaction.

70cl 62,5%vol.

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