Longueteau GENESIS collection 2017 Blanc Batch 2 70cl 72,25%vol.




collection 2017 Batch 2

Rhum Blanc Agricole De La Guadeloupe

Brut de Colonne: 72,25%vol

Limited Edition: Only 5000 Bottles

Red Cane Only

24 months Inox tanks


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We are at the end of the 19th century, in the midst of a sugar crisis. The Marquis de Sainte-Marie, unlucky and facing financial losses, is forced to sell what will become the Domaine du Marquisat de Sainte-Marie.
This area is located not far from the landing site of Christopher Columbus in 1493, with on one side the Atlantic Ocean and on the other the massif of the Soufriere volcano.
In 1895, Henri Longueteau, founder of the distillery, decided to transform the small sugar refinery of the Domaine du Marquisat de Sainte-Marie and to produce agricultural rum.
This is the genesis of Longueteau® Rum!
The Longueteau® Genesis thus celebrates the origin and foundation of ancestral know-how that has been worn for four generations.
This 2017 vintage Batch 2 comes from the grinding and fermentation of the red canes (R579) of the estate.
Distilled at 72,25%Vol, he stayed for 24 months in stainless steel tanks, then was decanted to its natural degree (Brut de Column).
Its aeration and regular brewing, give it flexibility and roundness at the time of tasting.

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