Old Brothers LPCH 4Y (LONG POND/CLARENDON/HAMPDEN) 50cl 47,1%vol.



47.1%, 50 cl

100% Pot Still


Alc% before reduction LP:69,4% / CL:72.2% / HA:69.7%

Natural Color

Non Chill Filtered

90% Tropical Aging

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color: Gold

Nose: A delicate puff of ester precedes a very fruity profile. Jackfruit, mandarin, pineapple, nectarine, peach go perfectly with green olive, coriander and celery. What a treat! Want to bite into it. Very tangy, very sincere and remarkably balanced.

Palate: Wiser and more accessible than the nose, yellow fruits combine with tea and salted plum. The green olive, coriander and celery branch intensifies and unites with saline, marine, iodized notes. Very creamy texture leaving a nice oily veil on the palate.

Finish: Particularly long, orange marmalade, small bitterness, very well balanced.



Old Brothers is a story of friendship that began in October 2004 when Anthony and Julien joined the Army and traveled the world (Kosovo, Lebanon, Côte d'Ivoire, Macedonia, Afghanistan). Accustomed to traveling together around the globe, we therefore decided, by common passion for spirits, to launch an independent bottling company, in order to travel the distilleries of the world and bring back the most beautiful expressions of the art of distillation.

This is how in 2017 Old Brothers was born. Old Brothers celebrates the exceptional, the know-how, the authenticity, but also the camaraderie, the cohesion. Old Brothers spirits are enjoyed between "old epicurean friends".

The Old Brothers bottles are numbered by hand, the vegetable cord that adorns the neck is also placed by us. The label is held by a ribbon, sealed by a wax seal bearing the logo of a compass that represents our travels around the world for years.

For the box of our bottles, Marianne, tattoo artist, diverted the iconography of the tattoo, by representing skulls, and by introducing elements of distillation through the presence of two stills, and fruit. The box is like Old Brothers spirits: intense, personal and authentic. Yes, we take time to take care of the selection of our spirits but we do not leave aside the packaging which is also in our image.

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