Plantation Vintage Peru 2006 70cl 43,1%Vol.



Distilled in column stills at the Destilerías Unidas S.A. de Peru, in the Chicama Valley, an extremely arid region on the Peruvian north coast, this 2006 vintage is first aged 11 years in its terroir of origin and then matured two years in France.

It reveals essences of ripe figs, both the fruit and the leaf, and mango, then develops notes of rich pastry, almond and white pepper.


Nose : It starts on caramel, ripe figs both the fruit and the leaf, licorice and molasses. It becomes fruitier with banana, almond and notes that are woody, buttery, minty and smoky.

Palate : Rich and quite woody, it lingers in the nose with notes of cooked apple, lemon, mango and walnut, at the same time it is spicier with hints of white pepper, vanilla and nutmeg.



True figure of the Peruvian region, the label highlights the lama, animal symbol of the Incas.

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  • Alc./Vol. : 43,1%

  • Origin : Peru

  • Distillery : Destilerías Unidas S.A. de Peru

  • Raw material : Molasses

  • Fermentation : 3 Days

  • Distillation : 2006, Column Still & Pot Still

  • Tropical ageing : 11 years in Bourbon cask and Slovenian cask

  • Continental ageing, elevage : 2 years in Ferrand cask

  • Volatile substances : 201 g/hL AA

  • Dosage : 8 g/L

  • Cane sugar caramel E150a (% vol) : between 0% and 0.1%

    Solely to adjust – if needed – the color between different batches.

    Color may initially vary according to the type, the age and the size of the ageing casks