That Boutique y Rum Company Caroni Distillery 20y Batch 2 50cl 54,7%Vol.


Caroni Distillery

Distillery name – Caroni

Country – Trinidad

Classification – Traditional Column Rum

Age – 20

ABV – 54.7%


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The bad news is this distillery has long since closed, and as you can see from the label, it’s looking a little worse for wear. Caroni shut down their stills in 2002 and with it, marked the end to "heavy" rum production in Trinidad.A long lost distillery with only a limited number of casks available? Now, that sounds like our kind of rum. A full flavoured and rare taste of history, this batch is rich in those nutty, sweet and smokey molasses.We can confirm it’s still every bit as delicious after being aged for 20 years. And now you can enjoy it too without having to don a hard hat and enter any hazardous no-go zone to get your hands on some.

Tasting notes

Nose: Almond, hazelnut and cocoa lead before cooked banana and almost an note of mince pies emerge. Oaky cigar box and floral vanilla add beautiful depth.Taste: A thick and heavy palate carries notes of sweet tobacco, rich molasses and a little smoke against a buttery biscuit base. Full bodied spice fizzes away underneath with a little pineapple juice.

Finish: The molasses continue to simmer away in this supple finish.

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