That Boutique y Rum Company O Reizinho Distillery Portugal 50cl 49.7%Vol.


O Reizinho Distillery

Distillery name – O Reizinho

Country – Madeira, Portugal

Classification – Pot Still Rum

Age – Unaged

ABV – 49.7%

Maturation – Distilled in 2017. Stored in an inert container prior to bottling.

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Fresh, crisp and unaged - this is one of Madeira's best rum-kept secrets. Using hands-on production techniques, every single piece of sugarcane has been cut by hand. This is a unique agricole rum distillation rarely seen in the rum world, taking place in a single pot still. Framed by ripe bananas, this batch carries big olive-y notes with dashes of peppercorn and sea salt seasoning for a powerful finish.

Tasting notes

Nose: Green bananas and leafy vegetal notes spring from the grass first, followed by vibrant black pepper and that signature saline olive note.Palate: It’s all about those green notes, framed by the signature unripe banana. The black peppercorn is still there, alongside a sea salt quality. A textbook unaged cane juice rumFinish: Crisp, powerful and vegetal-led.

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