That Boutique y Rum Company Travellers Distillery Belize 10 years 50cl 56,1%Vol.


Travellers Distillery

Distillery name – Travellers

Country – Belize

Classification – Traditional Column Rum

Age – 10

ABV – 56.1%

Maturation – Distilled October 2007, 8 years in Belize, balance in the UK. Refilled into twice used Bourbon cask in 2016.

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A sophisticated, structured and light molasses-based rum, this is a refined sip after a long period of careful maturation. After time spent in American whisky barrels, there is plenty of complex cask influence here. A deliciously sweet taste of thick caramel, brown sugar and a prickle of molasses spice.

Tasting notes

Nose: A refined note of polished oak leads among sticky caramel and fresh, fruit banana. Sweet licks of vanilla, espresso and touches of tropical fruits bring depth, along with a slightly menthol, herbal underlay.Palate: More thick caramel is joined by sprinkles of brown sugar and a prickle of molasses spice as the banana becomes creamier and deeper. Plenty of cask influence adds complexity.Finish: The caramel becomes salted lick as the fruit sours a little among bitter herbs. Just gorgeous.

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