Tres Hombres Captains Choice Matinik 2019 Ed. 33 La Favorite 1l 44%Vol


This “La Favorite” rum is extremely rare, to be picked up by independent bottlers.

The noble Tres Hombres 2019 Edition 32 Martinique Rhum Agricole Vieux is a limited edition that deserves all recognition.

70cl 43%Vol.

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The exclusive Tres Hombres 2019 Edition 33 Matinik Rhum Agricole Vieux comes from a company in Europe that works for fair transport. In the course of fair trade, the spirits distilled abroad find their way to the bottler on the company's own sailing ship. For example, the aged Tres Hombres 2019 Edition 33 Matinik spent five months on the high seas and was influenced by the unique conditions.

tres hombres.

It is old Rhum Agricole, which after being distilled from sugar cane juice was allowed to mature in Americanbourbon barrels for some years. It then had a finish in ex-Madeira Barrels. The single cask rum then found its way onto the market with a regular alcohol content and without additives. The rhum was distilled and aged in the "La Favorite" company in Martinique.

Charging La Favorite Barrels

Product information: In terms of aroma and taste, this Rhum Agricole Vieux is convincing across the board. As you are used to from Agricole Rum, it shows itself from the fruity side. Powerful and open-hearted as well as with sweet and spicy undertones, it captivates the attention. The Tres Hombres 2019 Edition 33 Matinik Rhum Agricole is much too good to mix drinks and should be drunk straight. In a modern bottle with matching motifs and an informative label, its color of reddish amber comes into its own.

Origin: Martinique

Alcohol content: 44% vol

Contents: 1l

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