Velier Monymusk 14 years EMB Blend Tropical Aging Plummer 70cl 69,7%Vol.

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Distillery name – Monymusk
Country – Jamaica
Classification – Pot Still Rum
Age + Maturation – 14 Tropical Years
ABV – 69,7%vol.
Cont. – 70cl

Mark – EMB

Aged entirely in a tropical climate in Jamaica, this version is a blend of 10 casks distilled in 2006, 2 casks distilled in 2004 and 4 casks distilled in 2002. With an ester content of 324.5 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol, it is part of the Plummer (EMB) category of rums produced by the distillery.

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We are proud to present the following new products from La Maison & Velier and E.A. Scheer with the name: 'The Two Merchants' !The idea behind these products is that you can now make a perfect comparison between the ripening of rum in different climates. For this scoop, the same rum was used identically. It was distilled at the same time, in the same distillery and aged in the same type of barrels.The difference is that one rum is aged in the Monymusk distillery in Jamaica and the other in Europe. The contrast between the two products is enormous and your taste buds will be treated to two completely different creations.First there are the two products of the MMW Wedderburn (11 years old). Both are distilled in the same way at the Monymusk distillery in Jamaica. The names of the MMW's speak for themselves: there is the 'Tropical Aging' and the 'Continental Aging'.Monymusk EMB 14 years Plummer TROPICALThe Tropical Aging (69.7%) surprises you with its refined aromas of banana cake and mango. Some of the flavours that come to the fore are those of peaches, herbs and real 'Woody' notes. You can enjoy for a long time these powerful flavors that linger in your pallet for a long time.

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